Vintage books as wedding decor? YES!

March 2, 2017

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Every so often, we meet a vintage book-loving couple who would love nothing more than to see piles of books used as decor at their wedding.  For these couples, we have a stash of vintage books in our inventory available for use.

We absolutely love the look of a fresh floral arrangement sitting atop a short stack of vintage books, or creating a vignette of books, beautiful flowers, and mixed mercury candlelight! It's such a romantic look!


Here are some of the books in our collection:

(We always consider your wedding color palette when incorporating any decor items.)


We have also incorporated a couple's own personal book collection into their wedding decor. Including some personal items with sentimental meaning into your wedding helps to make your event unique, special, and truly memorable. Pictured below is a table vignette from Krisztina and Wesley's wedding in which they not only incorporated their own meaningful book collection, but they also created their guest table numbers with book-page origami!  (photo: Lefebvre photo).


And for those couples who love the look of vintage books but don't have the time or desire to gather up their own collection to use, we've got you covered!


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