adding personality to your wedding through the use of collected items

August 23, 2017

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Showing your personality through your wedding styling and decor has long been a top priority for couples getting married. Here at Rustic Roots Design, we specialize in tailoring our wedding and event decor to each of our unique clients. We strive to create a unique look for each wedding or event that is not only reflective of each couple's style, but is also a cohesive look. We sincerely love and enjoy having that first design meeting to get to know our clients, and from there we love nothing more than taking the reigns and letting our creativity and imagination run wild!


Our wedding clients are all unique, but one thing they have in common is that they prioritize their flowers and wedding decor over many other items when planning their wedding. They know how important flowers and decor are to the overall look of their wedding. Flowers and decor that perfectly reflect the couple and also compliment their venue is what makes that wedding stick in the memories of their guests for years to come. 


One way to add your personal flair to your wedding is through the use of collected items. In a previous blog post, we discussed the use of vintage books as part of your wedding decor. For a true literary couple, stacks of their favorite books paired with amazing florals help them to express their personalities and create a look that is unique to them:



















For vintage glass collectors, vignettes of beautiful vintage bottles filled with perfect flower blooms can create a romantic look. Or maybe you love shabby chic decor or the rustic farmhouse style:














If you're a trend-follower, then you know that bohemian design and styling has been a huge influence in the colors, textiles, and decor being used in weddings lately. Geometric shapes have also exploded in home decor as well as in wedding decor. Using geometric shapes on your wedding guest tables or in your ceremony decor would reflect your trendy style.    


Below, you can see geometric shapes, vintage bottles, AND vintage books --ALL IN THE SAME WEDDING--and it looked AMAZING!!!















So use your hobby or your profession or your favorite art as a guide when planning your wedding! Maybe you don't have a collection of your own to use, but maybe you appreciate one of these looks, and in that case, we are here to help with a treasure trove of collected pieces that are available for rent!

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